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Our Story

Minh is a talented swimwear designer for one of the most popular and successful Vietnamese...

Minh is a talented swimwear designer for one of the most popular and successful Vietnamese swimwear brand. She embodies the spirit of young Vietnamese entrepreneurship who reached the top 4 Young Creative Entrepreneur in Fashion and Design competition from England.


Established in 2007, her products are available in luxury boutiques and have appeared on covers of well-known magazines. Olalasexy is the first Vietnamese swimsuit brand to appear in international magazine FHM, Promo NYC Magazine, swimwear sponsor for Miss Global 2015. It is also the first swimsuit brand to utilize traditional native products and carries with it the vision to bring these Vietnamese products to international market. Her passion for cultural inspiration has brought her back to a village in the Mekong Delta to bring work opportunities and to improve the lives of rural laborers in her hometown. Minh continues to impress global fashion critics with her collections and has been handpicked by prestigious fashion boutiques worldwide.

Minh spends her time traveling around the Asia Pacific rim so that each collection of her swimwear line is inspired by the local cultures and people she meets. These places include Krabi – Thailand, Dampier – Australia, and various of the 7100 islands in the Philippines. Olalasexy invites international models to attend her advertising campaigns such as #1 FHM 100 sexiest women of the world 2010 Kim Lee; Playboy covers models - Holly Wolf, CJ Sparxx, Pashence Marie, GUESS's face - Haley Wilson, Fast and Furious actress - Brianna Young, Miss Australia - Jessica Peart, Miss USA - Mariah Coogan, Miss Italy - Madison Pelosi, Miss England - Sophie Rankin...

Today Olalasexy is considered as a leader in the swimwear industry through innovative work using traditional Vietnamese handicraft in a sexy way. Her passion for design and strong work ethic have set her up for success and now her designs are considered art!


Olalasexy takes its ethical stance very seriously. We are proud to be working towards ensuring that our products have a low impact on the environment, and that the people making our products are happy and paid fairly.



There are no conception what are the ideal yarns for crochet swimsuits. Most the the well-known brands use cotton which is absorb around 25 times it weight in the water! We understand nobody wants to leave their swimsuit under water!We have researched and made specialized yarn to guarantee that the swimsuits are water resistant and being soft which you can't see in common thread.. Our swimsuits are made for swimming, not only sun bathing and of course they all have outstanding techniques.


If you had a chance to visit developed countries in Asia, you will be pretty surprise to see many middle aged people working everywhere. How about Vietnamese middle aged people? They tend to depend on their children or live in worse condition. Why don’t we create appropriate works for them?In the past, after harvest time, Vietnamese people made handicraft works to meet their own needs. Their products are very skillful and sophisticated, even though they are farmers and do not specialize in handicrafts. The techniques were kept secret, but taught to relatives or fellow villagers.Handicrafts which has been the pride of the country's heritage.. Nowaday, the globalization has changed everything. They getting older and crocheting is somehow forgotten! How to bring back the the heyday of crocheting and help them to live with it?Our products are made by skillfull, passionate Vietnamese artists who live in the rural area. They might be our mom, a housewife, a farmer. But they all have only love for crocheting !


In a move towards eco-friendliness, Olalasexy asks customers to hand-wash all wool items instead of dry cleaning, which uses chemicals that are extremely harmful to our environment. Hand-washing also prolongs the life of the wool garments and gives it a much softer texture.


As part of the Olalasexy's promise, we offer a free repair service on items from all of our past collections. This is all part of our ethos of prolonging the life of your beautiful Olalasexy garment, and ensuring that you are able to wear and enjoy it for as long as possible. We believe that ethical fashion is a good quality product that stands the test of time!